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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we have been asked recently.  We hope you find the answers helpful.  If you would like to get in touch with other questions, about any aspect of disability golf in Scotland, please just complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.  Thank you.

I would like to play in a match advertised on your list, how can I enter?

Our diary is arranged well before each season starts, and full entry details are usually advertised to members, about a month prior.  For major events like our Open, they are advertised at least six months beforehand.


I see you usually have food arranged after the golf, but I have a special diet, can you help?

Yes, this would normally be arranged on arrival at the golf club with the caterers.


Do you accept all types of disabilities in your group?

Yes, we have members with all types of disability, including amputees, Cerebral Palsy, MS, blind and vision impaired, Downs Syndrome, Epilepsy, MD and many, many more.


My son wants to learn how to play golf, can you help?

Yes, when funding allows, we provide locally based free golf lessons with PGA Teaching Professionals.


Can I use a Range Finder or Sky Caddy at your golf games?

Yes, but only the distance element of the device should be utilised.


How do I get to play in one of your Ryder Cups?

Just join Scottish Disability Golf and get a golf handicap.  Members play in Order of Merit qualifying games throughout the year and their best eight returned scores are added together to give a total for the Championship.  Teams representing Scotland are selected from those tables.


You don’t play at my golf club, why?

We have arranged well over 300 golf events across Scotland, but if your club is willing to host us, just send us the details of the course and we will try get an event there.


Will you provide transport for my son to come to your games?

No, Scottish Disability Golf cannot provide transport too and from its competitions.


My 12 year old daughter has a learning disability, can she join your group?

Yes, there are no age or disability restrictions to becoming a member.


How do I become a member of Scottish Disability Golf?

All we need from individuals with a disability, are a full list of contact details, like name, postal address, postcode, email and phone numbers.  Coaches and carers can also join, by providing the same information.


I don’t live in Scotland, can I still play in your competition?

Yes, we have an open policy and any disabled player can golf with us.


What does it cost to join Scottish Disability Golf?

Nothing, membership for disabled people and their coaches and carers is free.


I have a CONGU golf club handicap of 14, will you accept it to play with Scottish Disability Golf?

Yes, just send us a copy of the golf handicap certificate from your golf club Secretary.


How do I get a golf handicap with Scottish Disability Golf?

Just join up, enter our competitions, we will give you a provisional one, then submit three signed score cards and we will sort out the rest.


I need a golf cart to play, do you provide everyone with a cart?

No, at our single and most multi-day events, members must arrange and pay for their own carts.  Only at the likes of our Open Championship, where sponsors are providing them. will carts be arranged


I am not able to play a full round of golf yet, can I just play nine?

Yes, we have a Pairs League in operation, where  two golfers play a foursome (alternate shot) format, so in effect play only nine holes.  Individuals may also enter events and finish after nine if they wish.


How can I play in one of your big events, like the Open?

Anyone can enter the likes of our Open, but they must hold a recognised golf handicap  and comply with the entry criteria laid down by the organisers.





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Do I need to bring some clubs to practice sessions or golf lessons?

Ideally yes, but we can get something to get you started.  Once you take up the game, you will need your own clubs.


What happens if it rains at one of your games?

We usually get wet.  Showers and squalls are probably going to happen from time to time in Scotland.  If it’s really bad and affecting the course, game and individuals we will cancel.


I need a paragolfer unit, do you provide grants to buy one?

No, Scottish Disability Golf cannot provide grants for equipment.


 SDGP is a Registered Scottish Charity (SC041000) and is supported through administration by Fife Voluntary Action 69-73 Crossgate Cupar KY15 4AS 
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